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Spring Arbor Coatings offers multiple stage cleaning, light assembly and can accommodate part sizes up to 7′ length x 4′ depth.

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Electrophoretic Coat
(e-coat) Services with Over 40 Years of Industry Experience.

light assembly

our commitment to quality

Spring Arbor Coatings, LLC is committed to meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services and the quality management system.

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Applications Include:
• Kinemats
• Glass reinforcements
• Rolo mounting brackets
• Roof frame mounting brackets
• Panoramic structures


Applications Include:
• Fuel rings
• Tank straps
• Fuel Helmets
• Shields
• Tube frame assemblies


Vehicle structures are continually
evolving to provide ever-greater
crash safety performance. As
vehicles comply with continually
advancing safety standards, crush
cans and other structures are
becoming increasingly complex.


Applications Include:
• Center console structures
• Sto n’ Go hinges
• Cargo tethers
• Hinges
• D-Rings
• Instrument panel structures


Applications Include:
• ECU/ECU covers
• Parking brake lever assembly
• ABS brackets
• Backing plates
• Lever assemblies


Applications Include:
• Seat pan assemblies
• Risers
• Seat frames
• Recliner rings
• Guide rails
• Tethers


Always a critical component in any
vehicle, steering systems are being
asked to do even more in modern
cars and trucks. Beyond providing
basic vehicle control, steering
systems are now expected to
contribute to safety, add functional
features, and more. As a result,
steering columns must provide
multi-axis movement and a variety
of other new features. And
increased density demands high-
precision stampings.


Applications Include:
• Center console
• Steering columns
• Sto ‘n Go hinges
• Rake bracket assembly
• Tether – cargo
• Hinges
• D-rings
• Instrument panels


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